Together for Tomchei:
A Day of Develpment and Unity for Tomchei Shabbos
and Chicago Chesed Fund

No matter how different every organization is from one another, they each face similar challenges. The Tomchei Shabbos National Convention was born in order to bring together like-minded organizations and individuals to address and brainstorm solutions for the obstacles they each face. And so, on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, representatives from Tomchei Shabbos organizations, nationwide, gathered in Newark, New Jersey, for their third annual national convention.

Organized by Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood and Chicago Chesed Fund, the convention drew renowned organizations from cities across the country. Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Far Rockaway and the Five Towns, Lakewood, North Miami Beach Monsey and Passaic joined together in Newark, NJ, to discuss the many issues facing their organizations.  

Fundraising was a major topic of discussion between the representatives there. Is fundraising necessary, or can an organization survive on the funds it receives from established donors?

Other topics of discussion included: the best way to receive government grants, tips and best practices for purchasing and distribution, the merits of in-house marketing vs. a hired agency, the different kinds of marketing channels best for promoting non-profits, and more.

“Many organizations and small communities experience similar hurdles,” said Rabbi Yossi Fuerst of the Chicago Chesed Fund. “The exchange of ideas really gave us, not only valuable insights going forward, but perhaps even more importantly, a tremendous amount of chizzuk.”

If you are interested in updates, or would like to learn more, contact Rabbi Fuerst at

Founded in 1978, Tomchei Shabbos is an alliance of charitable organizations nationwide that assist the Jewish needy by providing a variety of family services with the utmost level of dignity and discretion. Its wide range of programs include helping individuals find employment, providing clothing and furniture for families, assisting with utilities & rent in emergency situations, helping children obtain Jewish educations and directing those in need to the proper social service organizations. On a weekly basis they provide food for the week, Shabbat and the holidays. Learn more by visiting your local Tomchei Shabbos.

Chicago Chesed Fund is a nonprofit organization committed to helping Chicago’s Jewish families in crisis. It provides critical assistance in the form of goods, services and financial support in an environment that maintains the dignity and integrity of every recipient.

To learn more, call 847.679.7799.