The infamous “Shidduch Crisis” is perhaps the most pressing issue of our time. It occupies the minds of parents and girls throughout the Jewish community, leaving many with a sense of helplessness.

Enter SimchaLink, a division of the Chicago Chesed Fund.

SimchaLink services the Chicago community through every step of the somewhat daunting process of Shidduchim. The talented team of Shadchanim assist in resume building and offer guidance on choosing articulate and positive references. They are also there to serve as mentors throughout the dating process and help women to navigate the “system.”

Aside from the emotional mentoring and coaching offered, SimchaLink also provides financial support to those in need. To make sure every woman looks and feels her best on dates, funding for those in need is available for clothing and makeup. And for those with out-of-state dates, SimchaLink will provide miles towards flights.

SimchaLink has a team of Shadchanim in both Chicago and Lakewood, who fly out to network with the boys in Lakewood, the girls in Chicago, and each other. This past year has seen a tremendous influx in the number of dates, and ultimately, Shidduchim, due to their efforts.

“I have seen tremendous growth and commitment from my co-Shadchanim in SimchaLink. We have resources we’ve never had before. Due to the strong leadership of Rabbi Fuerst and his son, we have been able to build a stronger, more expansive network in the Shidduch world. The community support, rabbinical support, and openness to new ideas is Chizuk for all of us Shadchanim,” says Fraida Leah Falik, a SimchaLink Shadchan.

Not everyone has what it takes to become a Shadchan. But that didn’t stop the rest of the Chicago community from stepping in to do their part. The Chicago Chesed Fund’s “Shas for Shidduchim,” campaign, saw hundreds of community members unite to complete Shas in the merit of helping singles find their zivugim, and was met with tremendous success.

SimchaLink is nearing its 200th successful Shidduch, with many more in the making! Chicago takes pride in its proactive efforts in helping to create more Kallahs, more Simchas, and more Jewish homes in Klal Yisroel.



Shadchanim are available for contact at:

Shelly Adler (847) 679 0496                                                   Sara Krupenia (847) 942 4638

Fraida Leah Falik (773) 203 2015                                           Rivki Levitin (773) 844 8881

Estie Karman (773) 203 1718                                           Nina Segal (773) 876 9857

Tzodek Katz (732) 278 1461                                                    Faith Shabat (773) 600 0350