Shas for Shidduchim 2020—A Tremendous Success!

In an unbelievable display of unity, purpose, and heart, hundreds from the Chicago community and beyond joined together on Monday, February 10th to complete Shas in the zchus of shidduchim for Klal Yisroel. Harnessing the auspicious day of Tu B’shvat and the tremendous power of Limud HaTorah, hundreds of Lomdim dedicated their time to storm the Heavens and beg Hashem for shidduchim for all those searching.

Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff addressed the Lomdim and those who gathered to partake in the Siyum, saying, “Torah generates zchusim…here in Chicago, the city of Torah and achva!” It’s in the zchus of the special lomdim who dedicated their time and efforts that we will iy”h see many more simchos.

Shas for Shidduchim led to an influx of Tefilos, love, and support for those feeling helpless in their (or a loved one’s) search for their bashert. Participants were invigorated to make renewed efforts in shidduchim, because as we all know, “Shidduchim can come from the funniest places.”

After the 24-hour learning marathon, the completion of Shas was celebrated with a beautiful Siyum HaShas. The Siyum seuda, catered by Zelda’s Catering, was filled with lively dancing by all participants. The simcha in the air was palpable, as hundreds of community members joined to celebrate this incredible accomplishment—assured with the hope that there will be many more occasions to celebrate!

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