In the Eye of the Storm, Chicago Chesed Fund Steps in to Provide for Chicago

Chicago Chesed Fund is always there for its community and is especially busy during Yom Tov season, when it provides those in need with the essentials they need for Pesach.

But this year is different. As the world faces global crisis at the hands of COVID-19, Chicago Chesed Fund has stepped in to ensure that every member of the Chicago Jewish community has what they need for Yom Tov. They have experienced a 25% increase on top of their usual Pesach orders! So far, they’ve filled 750 orders and that number is still growing.

Their staff and volunteers are working day and night to coordinate orders, answer hundreds of calls, and to provide items that have already run out in local stores. The line of cars snakes around the block as people wait for their matzah and food. In the three decades that Chicago Chesed Fund has been servicing the Chicago community, they have never seen a need as great as this one.

With over 40 programs geared towards helping the people in their community, Chicago Chesed Fund’s Pesach food pantry is just one of the ways they are there for the people who need them. Last year, Chicago Chesed Fund distributed over 10,000 bottles of wine and grape juice, over 5,000 pounds of matzah, and over 41,000 pounds of meat and poultry. This year, who knows how much food, wine and matzah they will distribute.

“Pesach is always a stressful time, both financially and logistically. This year has added a new dimension of anxiety with the coronavirus. Everyone is concerned whether they will be able to get the things they need for Pesach, cost notwithstanding. The stores are depleted of many essential items. Yet, the Chicago Chesed Fund was prepared. We are among the first in Chicago to have our Matzah, wine, fish, chicken, meat, dairy and even produce!  Mi K’Amcha Yisroel! I feel privileged and pampered!”

But supplies are running low as people all over the country struggle to get the provisions they need this Yom Tov. In the midst of this crisis, there are still people who will not be able to put food in front of their children this Yom Tov. Don’t forget the Chicago community. Visit our donate page to put food on the table of a Jewish family for Pesach.

To learn more, call 847.679.7799.