Government Programming for the Perplexed

The Chicago Chesed Fund aims to be a pillar of support for the Chicago community. From financial assistance to a vast network of mental health referrals to matchmaking services, Chicago residents know that Chicago Chesed Fund is a place to turn for assistance, guidance, and support.

For so many who rely on government benefits to meet their daily needs, the phone calls, paperwork, and complications that are an inevitable part of the process can be inhibiting. From new applications, to appeals and renewals, dedicated professionals at Chicago Chesed Fund are available to answer any questions that can come up in the all-too-confusing world of government assistance programs. With their expertise and extensive familiarity in dealing with Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps) LIHEAP (utility bill grants) and other CEDA programs, the team at Chicago Chesed Fund assists Chicago community members in navigating the process.

Aside from assistance and guidance in filling out paperwork, Chicago Chesed Fund knows the right people to contact when emergencies or complications arise. With their network of contacts and connections, Chicago Chesed Fund is positioned to advocate for the individual needs of members of the Chicago community.

For more information, or with any questions, please contact Chani Goldman at: 847-679-7799 x 166 or, or visit