Who We Are

The Chicago Chesed Fund is a nonprofit organization committed to helping families in crisis throughout the Chicagoland area. It provides critical assistance in the form of goods, services and financial support in an environment, and through programming, that maintains the dignity and integrity of each and every recipient.

Nestled in the heart of Lincolnwood, a suburb of the city of Chicago, lays a warehouse… a colossal, bustling hub known to all as the Chicago Chesed Fund.

More than a quarter century ago, the Chicago Chesed Fund first opened its doors to offer food distribution and financial assistance to 35 families. Yet, it does not need telling how many different needs arise throughout the lifetime of an individual. Sometimes they can deal with it on their own…

…But often, they need somewhere to turn for help – be it financial, medical or household assistance, Jewish cultural needs and many other areas.
And so, since that fateful day of the Chicago Chesed Fund’s inception, it has exponentially expanded its programs, becoming the place individuals can turn to for nearly every need – with more than 40 programs and services providing vital assistance to over 4,000 individuals each year.

Today, the Chicago Chesed Fund is a giant pillar of support, serving Chicago’s Jewish families with sensitivity and dignity.

Our mission is to be the one place families turn to for assistance, responding with immediate, individual attention for their every need.

We serve all local clients who qualify on a needs-based basis. Programs may be limited in accordance with the amount of funds available.